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Written by our Colleague, Trainer and author Nico Joos

“No one goes on vacation while leaving the front door wide open. And of course, that expensive bike needs to be locked up at the supermarket. So why should your mailbox settle for a cardboard door with keys that are up for grabs?
More than half of internet users have passwords that can be cracked in a maximum of five seconds. This is just one example of the carelessness that typifies our online behavior, and against which the authors of 'Stop Phishing' want to arm you. In plain language and with plenty of humor, they explain how to recognize phishing emails, which cookies your computer prefers, the benefits of multi-factor authentication, and how your 'smart' doorbell can have foolish consequences.
With 30 practical tips, you can make your internet behavior safer and protect your personal information. Because you don't have to be an easy victim.”

For Family, parents, children, grand-parents but also enjoyable for Security professionals...



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