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Online Coached starts each second monday of the month

The individual Fast Track is a one-day intensive course organised on a mutually agreed day


Available now in the Coached self-study format. Ideal solution if you can invest some time in self-study but being coached. It is available anytime.
The coached model (remote) includes three hours coaching split into two or three sessions (to be planned and agreed with the trainer) during a 4 weeks’ timeframe encompassing a summary of each training day.
PECB Trainings in our Exclusive Coached Self-study format.

  • Official Training material
  • Professional coaching
  • Exams included.
  • Full CPE points.

Exam & certificate

For specific information about exam type, languages available, and other details, please visit the List of PECB Exams and the Examination Rules and Policies.

For more information, please visit PECB.

NIS institute Coached Self Study

Training material


Exam included

The coached model (remote) includes three hours coaching split into three sessions (to be planned and agreed with the trainer) during a 4 weeks’ timeframe. It encompasses a summary of each training day.

This approach is ideal if you want to invest time in self-study.


I want to register
Our training courses are scheduled to begin on the second Monday of each month and span four weeks.During this four-week period, please coordinate with your trainer to schedule individual sessions.

Upon completion, exam vouchers will be issued. If you register for a course after the current month has begun, your booking will be transferred to the subsequent month.

A confirmation email will be sent to you to collect your invoicing information and PECB student information.

Your booking is confirmed once full payment of your invoice is received.

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